Holly’s jungle adventure

I went to the jungle.
We went there by bus and then a boat on a big river.

Robert our guide was going to climb a palm tree to get a coconut but it would not fall down. We ate oranges. They were so delicious.

I saw grasshoppers, frogs, leaf cutter ants, capybaras and night monkeys in the jungle. The monkeys came down and ate bananas right from the table near us where we were sitting and they climbed all over the house and they jumped down to get the bananas. They were so close. They demolished all of the bananas even the yucky bits.

I saw spiders and even a huge, black tarantula. He was big and hairy. The nest was up in the tree.

We made a tree by planting it in the jungle and we wrote our names on it. It will grow so big.

I saw some scarlet macaws which were my favourite bird but penguins are my most favourite.

I went fishing and I caught a piranha and a sardine. We fed the piranha some leaves and it left a hole in the leaf. Its teeth were so sharp. Sharp enough to eat your finger off.

At night we went on a boat to see some caimans which are like alligators. They have sharp teeth enough to bite your finger off like the piranhas.

We went to a special place for sick animals near the jungle. We saw a so tiny little monkey with a nappy on. We saw a toucan and we saw some parrots in a cage. There was only one friendly animal that we got to pat. It was an amazon deer. There was a scarlet macaw with a broken wing. He couldn’t fly. We saw some monkeys with a really loud voice. They were called howler monkeys. It was so hilarious.

It was super duper good going to the jungle.




















2 responses to “Holly’s jungle adventure

  1. Hello Holly
    I loved reading about your jungle adventure. It mustn’t have been very exciting seeing all those, animals, insects and fish.
    Thank you sharing your adventure.
    Lots and lots of love
    Nonna xxx


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