Kathmandu at last.

No matter how much you prepare for a journey, there’s always something you forget and overlook. Or break. What was meant to be our sightseeing day in Kathmandu has just been spent, successfully, on a mission to replace our UV water filter which accidentally broke this morning.

Fortunately our apartment in downtown Thamel couldn’t be more centrally located amongst the plethora of trekking gear shops. Most are knockoff cheap gear, but there is a smattering of genuine stuff if you know where to look.

Walking the narrow streets with the kids is an adventure, dodging motorbikes, cars, rickshaws and hawkers, and the occasional birds nest of electrical wires slowly sagging to the ground under their increasing size. Being the end of the rainy season, the air is overall not too polluted, but the narrow streets confine it somewhat.

Our preparations for permits and guide have been handled by the always smiling Dolma from Adventure Ascent. Nothing has been too much trouble and we have been made to feel most welcome. Our plan is a little bit different as we are going at our own pace – not as part of an organised tour. We wanted this flexibility with the children so we can travel at their pace, and Dolma has been most accommodating.

Tomorrow it all begins, an early morning departure to the start of the Manaslu circuit and the Tsum valley.

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6 responses to “Kathmandu at last.

  1. So envious of your journey! Happy trails and enjoy every minute. Looking forward to seeing your adventure through that magnificent country. Journey well!


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